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Unlock Your Inner Physician Negotiator

Our mission: Getting doctors what they deserve at the bargaining table.

Mastering Negotiation is time-consuming and difficult when taught in the traditional business or law school framework.

Developed by an award-winning physician educator, we’ve designed a pragmatic and straightforward course customized for healthcare providers to use in real-world negotiations.

Our Proven Five + One Method 

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STEP ONE: Interviewing

Maximize your value by mastering the interview.

STEP TWO: Know Your Market Value

To get the best deal, you need to know what you are worth.

STEP THREE: Develop a Negotiation Strategy

You need a plan before you sit down at the bargaining able. We'll teach you a simple step-by-step process to enter your negotiation armed with information and confidence.

STEP FOUR: Negotiate

You’ll learn to maximize your outcome, gain the respect of your future employers, all without harming the relationship. We’ve steered doctors of all skill levels and experience successfully through complex negotiations.


STEP FIVE: Contract

We’ll help you chomp on legal word salad! Remember, once the contract is written the salary negotiation is essentially done! Don’t wait for the contract and hope an attorney can sweeten the deal.

STEP FIVE + ONE: Career Development

We've helped you land your dream job at a great compensation package. Now learn the professional and medical business skill you need to truly succeed.

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I was offered $50,000/yr more, an additional $150,000 in the first three years, just by using the techniques I learned
Samuel Raouf, MD