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Doctor Directed Firm with a Unique Mission-Educating early career physicians to negotiate the maze of starting their life’s work- without the hassle and anxiety.

·  We help you succeed as a physician… really succeed.  That is our simple purpose.

·  Take a moment and imagine what true career success means to you.   Certainly, a big part of this will be happy and healthy patients along with a reputation of competence and ethical expertise.   But beyond that, there are financial goals.   Fair compensation, college for your children, Loan repayment, retirement, vacation and second houses, and more.

·  You have the training to be a great clinician.    But, you probably feel less certain when it comes to knowing the value of the job market and how to negotiate your compensation package.    Contract review and the sophisticated finances and taxes that are the reality of a physician professional life are probably completely foreign.    And what if you want to pursue opportunities outside of your primary practice?

·  We are physicians helping other physicians. We know what you are going through and have the experience to help you excel.

Meet the Founder 


Robert A. Felberg MD

Neurologist with over 20 year of experience, Dr. Felberg has designed and developed several well-known Comprehensive Stroke Centers. An award winning medical educator, he recognizes there is a critical lack of teaching in the factors required to be a truly successful physician beyond clinical knowledge.   He  founded this company to inform and help physicians, learn how to become successful in their medical career.

Meet the Managing Director

sandra Hill-Felberg PhD

Sandra J. Hill-Felberg PhD

Dr. Hill-Felberg has worked as a Clinical Science Manager for a CRO company, as well as, a Research Scientist and a Laboratory Director in both Clinical and Academic Science laboratories over the years..  As a Neuroscientist in training, I have a strong background in medical grant writing, manuscript writing, and medical presentations.   I have also helped with bridging collaborations between physicians and scientists in many clinical trials and scientific studies.

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