October 16th, 2017 Newsletter

Founder’s Note: Incredibly busy week coming up-  with five grand rounds type lectures in 2 days!  Will be in Pittsburgh for 3 talks and then in Philadelphia for 2 more. That’s a lot even for me! Public Speaking is one of my strengths and it has served me well for many years.  I wasn’t born with the ability to speak to large crowds effectively, it was a skill I had to train and improve in an active manner.

As part of my mission at medical success central, I’m exploring professional skills for physicians that are rarely mentioned, but can become a great asset in advancing your career.


Recent Posts:

Public Speaking get your brand recognized: The benefits of joining the “lecture circuit” are tremendous. Every member in that audience is a potential referring physician or patient. If you can connect with them, you’ll be granted immediate expert status.    Read more…

Power point for physicians: avoid the biggest power point mistake:   Ever notice how some PowerPoint presentations just sizzle while others flop? Whether you love it or hate it, PowerPoint is one of the most important physicians’ tools. As a matter of fact, there are few career investments that have more potential than mastering PowerPoint. Whether you are presenting at a national conference of your peers, to a local community group, or to your hospital board of directors, a high-quality PowerPoint presentation will grant you instant expert status and make you stand out from the crowd.  Unfortunately, a poor quality presentation may cause you to appear mediocre, a dull, or worse.     Read more…


Physician Advocates LLC: Created from a call to action!   You may see me as a physician, but I see myself as an educator.   Read more…


Medical Job Interviewing: How to avoid the biggest mistake made by most physicians.   Interviewing for a new medical job can be a distressing experience.    Read more…


 Negotiation and Professional Skills for Physicians Seminar:

                                DATE: November 17 and 18th

                                Location: Madison, New Jersey- A simple train trip for NY Penn station. Plan a trip for an enjoyable Autumn weekend

                                  in NYC or the best part of the “Garden State” while kick-starting your career. CME approved, so the

                                  conference is covered by your educational stipend or can be tax deductible.

                                You won’t want to miss this fun, pragmatic, and hands-on seminar!

                                  A 2 day concentrated workshop for all skill levels will teach you the skills they didn’t cover in medical school.

                                PLEASE: We have limited seats, so confirm your reservation before booking flights/hotel.

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Robert A. Felberg MD
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