October 3rd, 2017 Newsletter

New Seminar Dates: This is my favorite part of being part of Physician Advocates. I live for my patients, but my passion is teaching and I thrive on the opportunity to help fellow physicians excel in  their careers. I’m happy to announce our next set of dates for the Negotiation and Professional Skills for physicians Seminar and hope you can attend. This unique workshop is designed to teach physicians the skills they need to exceed in the business aspects of the medical careers. This concentrated 2-day workshop is designed for all skill levels.


Negotiation and Professional Skills for Physicians SeminarDate: Nov 17 and 18th

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What is leverage? How is it used in Physician Contract Negotiation? Have you ever heard the term “leverage” used when discussing a negotiation, but quite sure what it means? Explore the concept in this blog post.

Anatomy of a Complex Physician Contract Negotiation. Sure, some negotiations are straightforward. And then there are the rest. In the blog post that was published at the white coat investor site, I explore a difficult negotiation focused on increasing mutual value to improve compensation. There’s a great discussion section following.


What’s New?

Small Group Workshop:  The idea for the small group workshop came about by a mistake. A physician had signed up for our last seminar, but the registration had closed (the fault was ours and we refunded his fee). He had already booked the trip and hotel, so I went ahead and scheduled a custom designed one-on-one session with him. We spent 5 hours together discussing negotiation, the role of relationship basic contract issues, determining market value, and did three practice negotiations including a practice salary negotiation. I had so much fun, that I decided to do it again!

The small group workshop can be 1-8 people (the ideal is 4-6). We discuss the topics most important to you and customize the workshop. This is perfect for people who can’t make the big session, people who may be nervous negotiating in a bigger crowd, someone who learns better from close interaction, or nurses/mid-levels who feel they may be a little overwhelmed in a room full of doctors. It’s also ideal for those of you who have a negotiation coming up soon and need a crash course

New Service! Third party payer negotiation.   I often get asked about negotiating with third party payors. Although the actual negotiation is straightforward, the preparation is complex and time-consuming. We are now offering a consulting service to assist you in preparation for this vital step in building a successful practice. Use the “contact us” button on our home page to discuss further.

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