Physician Advocates LLC seminars really paid off. I was able to negotiate a lower limit to "hit my bonus" and earned an extra $50,000 just last year. I strongly recommend everyone to attend one of their informative and life changing seminars. It was one of the best investments I ever made for my future.


I was in the process of reviewing my first job contract when I heard of Physician Advocates LLC. Negotiation is not something that we as physicians are taught. The expected base salary was clearly stated, however I realized there was something missing - extra benefits. Physician Advocates taught me how to ask for the things important to me. Within the week I was signing my contract. Thank you Physician Advocates for helping me get there.  


Fresh out of residency I did not have the confidence to ask for more money. I also did not know how much more I should ask for. Then I was introduced to Physician Advocates LLC. I learned various negotiations tactics and communications skills through our mock negotiation sessions. I highly recommend the services of Physician Advocates LLC.


After getting help from Physician Advocates LLC on how to negotiate, I was able to get $80,000 more in total compensation above what was initially offered.  The negotiations were very easy and the relationship was not negatively impacted after using the tools and information that I received from their very informative seminar.


I quickly realized how unprepared I actually was to interview as a newly graduated Nurse Practitioner.  Physician Advocates LLC is not only geared towards Physicians but Nurse Practitioners as well! Negotiating any type of contract or salary package made me tense and uneasy.  Dr. Felberg’s expertise and specific pointers to focus on is priceless.    I truly believe this course helped me conquer my fears of negotiation and instead allowed me to focus on how to land the best opportunity for me!


Physicians advocates LLC gave me the confidence and tools I needed to negotiate a competitive salary. After taking the course, I was able to ask for more than the mean market value salary. I negotiated a $50,000/yr increase in salary, an additional $150,000 in the first three years, just by using the techniques I learned. These strategies really pay off and is something they do not teach you in medical school. As a   resident, and soon to be physician, I highly recommend this course to everyone.